What improvements have been made to the user interface in Windows 11?

1. An Improved Start Menu – The Start Menu in Windows 11 has been improved to include a better search bar and more intuitive icons. It will also incorporate a new feature called “My Workspace” that allows users to quickly access their most used apps, documents, and activities.

2. Drag & Drop Support – Windows 11 introduces drag-and-drop support for both mouse and touch devices, making it easier to move icons and items around the desktop.

3. Dynamic Theme Scaling – The updated theme engine from Windows 10 has been adapted to better support different screen sizes, allowing for the same theme to look great on both tiny screens and large curved displays.

4. A Completely Redesigned Taskbar – The taskbar has been redesigned to be more user friendly and seamlessly blend in with the desktop. It will also provide access to common settings, as well as support for pinning shortcuts to frequently used folders and applications.

5. Facial Recognition Logins – Windows 11 will also offer facial recognition logins which could make logging into your device much easier for those who own a laptop with a camera.

6. Virtual Assistant – Windows 11 introduces an intelligent virtual assistant. Users will be able to ask questions and receive answers, set reminders, and access information quickly and easily.