How do I attach a PDF to an email on my Windows PC?

Attaching a PDF to an email on a Windows PC is a relatively simple process. There are two basic methods: attaching the PDF directly from an email client and using a cloud storage service to attach the PDF.

The first option involves using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to attach the PDF directly from within the email. To do this, open your email client and compose a new message. Next, click the “Attach File” button, which can be located in either the top or bottom toolbar of the email client, depending on the program you’re using. After that, select the PDF from its saved location, click “Open”, and wait for it to upload. Once the upload is complete, you can click “Send” to send the email with the PDF attached.

The second option involves using a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to upload a PDF and then share a link to that file with the recipient. This is often done when the file is too large to be sent directly, or if you don’t want to attach the file to the email itself. To do this, upload the PDF to the cloud storage service of your choice, and then generate a shareable link. Copy this link, open the email client, compose a new message and paste the link into the body of the email message. Once you’ve done that, click “Send” and the recipient will be able to download the PDF from the cloud storage provider.

Both methods work well for attaching PDFs to emails on a Windows PC. However, using a cloud storage provider may be a better option if the PDF is too large to attach directly. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of security since the recipient does not need to have your email address to gain access to the file. Whichever option you choose, attaching PDFs to emails on a Windows PC is a straightforward process that should take no longer than a few minutes.