How do I create a new user account with the Windows control panel?

1. Open the Windows Control Panel. To access the Control Panel, open the Settings menu and click on the Control Panel option.

2. On the Control Panel window, click the User Accounts and Family Safety option.

3. On the User Accounts and Family Safety window, click User Accounts.

4. On the User Accounts window, click the Add or remove user accounts link.

5. On the Manage Accounts window, click Create a new account.

6. On the New Account window, enter a name for the account in the “Account Name” field.

7. Select either Standard User or Administrator (Administrator is recommended) as the account type by selecting the appropriate radio button.

8. Click the Create Account button.

9. On the “Create an Account for” window, enter a password for the new account in the “Password” field and a password hint in the “Password Hint” field to help remind yourself of the password later.

10. Once you have entered the password and the password hint, click the Create Account button.

11. The new account will be created, and you can log into it immediately.

12. To adjust the security settings for the new user account, click the Change the account type link. On the resulting window, you can select an account type from the drop-down list (Standard User or Administrator).

13. To adjust the account picture and other personalization options, click the Change the account picture link.

14. You can now begin using the new user account, and any changes you made to the security settings or personalization will be applied.