How can I change the language settings in Windows control panel?

1. Navigate to the Windows Control Panel:

To open the Windows Control Panel, click the Start Menu, then choose the “Control Panel” icon. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, you may need to select either “Settings” then “Control Panel” or “All Programs” then “Control Panel”.

2. Select Region and Language:

Once you have the Windows Control Panel open, locate and click on the “Region and Language” icon. It is usually located in the Clock, Language, and Region section, though the exact location may vary depending on which version of Windows you are running.

3. Choose a Language:

With the “Region and Language” window open, select the “Keyboards and Languages” tab. From this menu, you can change your language settings, by clicking “Change keyboards…” Click the “Add” button and select the language that you would like to use. A list of available languages will appear, so simply select an entry from the list and click “OK”.

4. Select a Regional Language:

The next step is to select the appropriate regional language for your selected language. This can be done in the “Formats” tab of the “Region and Language” window. Select one of the available regional languages from the drop down list. This will affect the display of dates, times, currencies, and other region-specific elements.

5. Install Additional Language Packs:

If the language you chose is not preinstalled on your computer, you will need to install it manually. To do this, select the “Language” tab of the “Region and Language” window. Click the “Install additional language packs” link and follow the prompts to install any necessary language packs.

6. Set Default Language:

Once you have installed all of the language components you need, the last step is to set your chosen language as the default. To do this, select the language you wish to set as the default from the drop-down list in the “Region and Language” window, then click “Make this the primary language”.

7. Confirm Changes:

After making your changes, click “Apply” then “OK” to save your settings and close the “Region and Language” window. You will now be able to use the language you selected as the default for all textual and audio output in Windows.