How do I create a shortcut for a .ppt presentation?

1. Open the PowerPoint Presentation

2. Save the presentation in a location you can remember and will use often

3. Right-click the newly saved file

4. On the menu that appears, select Create Shortcut

5. The shortcut for the presentation will now appear in the same location as the original file

6. You can also drag the shortcut to your desktop or any other convenient location

7. To open the presentation from the shortcut, simply double-click on it

8. If you want to change the icon for the shortcut, right-click on it and select Properties

9. On the Properties window that appears, click Change Icon

10. Choose an icon you like and click OK

11. Click Apply and then OK

12. Finally, double-click the new shortcut to open the presentation

This process of creating shortcuts is the same no matter what type of file you are trying to create a shortcut to. Shortcuts are a great way to quickly access and open files without having to search for them in your file explorer. This way, you can quickly access presentations, documents, folders, applications, and websites with just a single click of a mouse.