How do I open a file in Windows?

Opening a File in Windows

In order to open a file in Windows, the user must first locate the file they wish to open. The user can navigate to the desired location by using the navigation pane in Windows File Explorer or by entering the path into the address bar. Once the user has located their file, they can open it in one of two ways.

Method 1: Double-Click
The most common way of opening a file on Windows is to double-click on the file. This method quickly opens the file in its default program, as determined by the file’s file extension. For instance, a .txt file will usually open in Notepad, a .docx in Word, and a .jpeg in the Photos app.

Method 2: Right-Click
Alternatively, the user can right-click on the file and select “Open With” from the context menu. This will open up a list of available programs that can open the file. The user can choose which program they wish to use or even choose to open the file in a different version of the same program.

If the user wishes to open the file with a specific program every time, they can right-click on the file and select “Properties”. In the “General” tab, click on the “Change” button next to the “Opens with” section and choose the desired program from the list. This will associate the file extension with the chosen program.

In order to open the file with a specific program from the file’s Properties window, the user can also select the “Always open files of this type” checkbox. This will cause the file to automatically open in the selected program whenever it is double-clicked.

Finally, the user can create a shortcut for the file and place it on their desktop. This will allow them to open the file quickly and conveniently. To create a shortcut, right-click on the file and select “Create Shortcut”. The shortcut will now be visible on the desktop and can be opened by double-clicking it.

In conclusion, opening a file in Windows is relatively straightforward. The user can either double-click the file to open it in its default program, or they can right-click on the file and choose “Open With” to pick a specific program. Additionally, the user has the option of associating a file extension with a specific program and creating a shortcut to access the file quickly and conveniently.