How to clean BAK files automatically in Windows PC

In computing, “.bak” is a filename extension commonly used to signify a backup copy of a file.

When a program is about to overwrite an existing file (for example, when the user saves the document they are working on), the program may first make a copy of the existing file, with .bak appended to the filename. This common .bak naming scheme makes it possible to retrieve the original contents of the file. In a similar manner, a user may also manually make a copy of the file before the change and append .bak to the filename.

BAK files can be cleaned safely.

Here are the steps for cleaning BAK files safely:

  1. Run WinUtilities Disk Cleaner
  2. Select Options button on the top of screen
  3. Select Junk Files tab and then check “*.BAK” in categories
  4. Select OK to save settings
  5. Follow the wizard to scan and clean the bak files on your Windows system

  6. Done

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