How to create hotkey to open a URL with a specific browser?


How to create a hotkey to open a URL with a specific Internet browser.


This process can be used to open a URL in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome regardless of the default browser.

  1. Install and run Perfect Hotkey
  2. Right-click Perfect Hotkey system tray icon and select New Hotkey

  3. Select a hotkey combination
  4. Click ‘+
  5. Select ‘Open File‘ from action list and then select the special browser location by clicking ‘‘ (We choose Firefox as an example, others are similar)
  6. Type the URL in Parameters filed

    Tip: If you want to open an URL with the default internet browser, Please choose Open URL from action list.
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK again
  9. Done

With these steps, you can now open the URL in special browser via the hotkey.