How to identify legitimate cryptocurrency projects?

1. Look at the Team: Research the core team of the project and make sure there are real people behind it with experience in crypto, finance, or technology.

2. Understand the Technology: Make sure the project has a clear use case and the technology behind it is legitimate.

3. Check Roadmap: Has the project laid out a roadmap and timeline for the development of the project.

4. Do Your Own Research: Read whitepapers, blog posts, and other materials to verify if the project has a place in the market and a potential to be successful.

5. Analyze the Tokenomics: Evaluate the token economics to make sure the token has a purpose and there’s not excessive inflation or dilution built into the model.

6. Watch out for Excess Promotion: Beware of projects that are overly promoted on social media platforms, as these may have paid influencers trying to push their own agenda.