How to protect crypto assets?

1. Secure Your Devices: Always ensure your digital devices are secure and up-to-date, with the latest operating system patches and antivirus software in place. Use strong passwords to access an account and never share them with anyone.

2. Use a Hardware Wallet: A hardware wallet is a physical device specifically designed to store cryptocurrencies safely, usually offline. It is considered one of the most secure methods of storing cryptocurrency, as it prevents hackers from accessing online wallets.

3. Use Multi-Signature Wallets: Multi-signature wallets require more than one signature before making a transaction, adding an extra layer of security and reducing the risk of theft.

4. Use Encryption: Encrypting your data and wallets can help protect them from being stolen. Look for encryption software that offers bulletproof security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA).

5. Practice Cold Storage: Cold storage refers to keeping your crypto assets offline on a medium such as a USB drive or external hard drive. This is the most secure method of storing crypto assets and is recommended for those who plan to hold their assets for an extended period of time.