The scanned image is blurry, what’s wrong?

Blurry images are a common issue that many people face when scanning documents, photos and other types of images. There can be a few different factors that cause this issue, including:

1. Improper Scanner Settings: Your scanner may not be configured correctly. The settings you choose should depend on what type of item you are attempting to scan (photos, documents, etc.). Additionally, the resolution of your scan should be adjusted appropriately depending on the size and quality of the original image. Generally speaking, higher resolutions will result in larger file sizes but better image quality. Make sure that the settings on your scanner are properly configured for the type of image you are trying to scan.

2. Low Quality Scans: If the original image is of low quality, then the scanned version will also be blurry. This is because a digital scanner cannot create additional information from the original image that wasn’t there before. Low-resolution scans will also appear blurry when enlarged or printed at a larger size.

3. Dust or Scratches on the Scanner Glass: If the scanner glass has dust or scratches on it, that can affect the image quality during the scan. Before beginning the scanning process, check the glass for any imperfections and clean it off with a soft, lint-free cloth if necessary.

4. Poorly Aligned Scans: If your scanned image appears distorted or misaligned in any way, it is likely due to the item being slightly off-center while being scanned. Make sure the item is properly centered on the scanner glass before beginning your scan.

5. Lighting Issues: If you are attempting to scan a photograph, then the lighting in the room can affect the quality of the scan. Make sure there is enough light in the room to properly illuminate the image before holding it up to the scanner.

6. Outdated Software: Your scanner may be using outdated software which can cause a variety of issues, including blurry images. Newer versions of software may include features that can improve the scanning process, such as image enhancement capabilities. Check for software updates for your scanner and make sure to install them if available.

These are just a few of the potential causes of a blurry scan. If you still have trouble getting a clear image after adjusting the settings and ensuring everything else is in order, contact the manufacturer of your scanner for further assistance.