What are some of the most common causes of PC slowdowns?

1. Too Many Start Up Programs: Many programs are set to launch when the computer is turned on, causing increased boot time and system slowdowns.

2. Malware/Virus Infection: Malicious software can alter the performance of your computer by using valuable system resources.

3. Excessive Heat : If a computer is confined in an area with poor ventilation and high temperatures, it can cause the electronic components to malfunction, leading to slow performance.

4. Low Hard Drive Space: Having insufficient storage space will cause the computer to slow down, as it has no room to expand.

5. Fragmented Hard Drive: When files are split into multiple pieces, the computer must search for the pieces individually, taking longer to access a single file.

6. Insufficient RAM: Having too little random access memory will cause the computer to use its hard drive as virtual memory, resulting in a decrease in speed.

7. Outdated Drivers: Installing the latest driver updates can provide essential performance improvements.