What are the new features of Windows 11?


Unfortunately, Windows 11 does not exist. The latest version of the Windows operating system is Windows 10. Microsoft has continued to provide updates and security patches for Windows 10 since it was released in 2015. If you are after new features or upgrades, you should look at the upcoming Windows 10 19H2 release, which is expected to include a range of new features.

An example of this would be the much-anticipated Windows Subsystem for Linux. WSL allows developers to install and run Linux distributions directly on Windows 10 without any additional virtual machine or emulation software.

Other features will come as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. For example, Microsoft is set to introduce an Artificial Intelligence-driven add-in to Outlook, allowing users to customize their inboxes in new ways. Skype is also scheduled to receive a major update, with a revamp of both its UI and its messaging capabilities.

Finally, Microsoft is introducing a new tool called ‘Your Phone’, which allows users to link their Android smartphones to their computers. This tool will allow users to access their smartphone’s data directly from their PC, as well as to make and take calls directly from the computer.