What can I do to protect myself when using cryptocurrency?

1. Secure your wallet: Store your cryptocurrency in a secure digital wallet. Make sure to choose one that supports two factor authentication, and consider using a hardware wallet orpaper wallet to secure your most valuable coins.

2. Double-check addresses: Before sending payments, always double check the recipient address. If you send your funds to another address, they are gone forever, so it’s important to make sure that you’re entering the correct information.

3. Backup your wallet: Make sure to periodically backup your wallet so you don’t lose your funds in the event of a system failure.

4. Use a trusted exchange: Only use an exchange or online wallet provider you can trust. Do research on any company you’re considering, and only use reputable exchanges.

5. Don’t leave coins on an exchange: Once you purchase coins, withdraw them as soon as possible to your secure wallet so you have full control over your funds.

6. Research before you invest: Educate yourself about the risks and rewards of investing in cryptocurrencies, and do your own research on any projects before investing your funds.