What options are available in the Regional and Language Options of the Control Panel?

The Regional and Language Options control panel applet is used to customize the input and display language settings on a computer. This control panel allows users to adjust settings for both the current user and all users of the computer. It is possible to customize settings for location, languages, and available services related to text, numbers, currencies, and other formatting options.

Location Settings:

One of the first steps in customizing the settings in the Regional and Language Options applet is to select the geographic location of the user. This will determine the country, language, currency, and other regional settings that the user needs. The Location tab will display the regional settings currently in use. The user can choose from a list of countries or regions to select the one that applies to them.

Input Languages:

The Input Languages tab provides access to the settings related to text input and display. This allows the user to choose the keyboard layout and language used when typing. It is possible to add additional input languages for use with the computer. It is also possible to switch between multiple languages by using the hotkeys listed in this tab.


The Formats tab provides settings related to the formatting of numbers, dates, times, currencies, and other elements. This allows users to customize the format of these items based on their geographic location. The formats can be set separately for each input language.

Advanced Key Settings:

This tab provides settings related to the behavior of the language keys (Shift, Alt, and Ctrl) when switching between language modes. It is possible to set up shortcuts for faster switching between multiple input languages.

Text Services and Input Languages:

The Text Services and Input Languages tab allows users to customize the settings for Advanced Text Services, Speech Recognition, handwriting recognition, and typing methods. Some of these options are only available in certain language versions of Windows.


The Administrative tab provides access to settings related to language packs, installable options, and language resources. These settings can be used to install additional language support or modify existing language settings. It is also possible to copy settings from one user account to another.

These are the main options available in the Regional and Language Options of the Control Panel. By adjusting these settings, users can customize the language, text input, and formatting options used on their computer.