When the balance of the USDT(TRC20) address changes, How can I receive the balance change notification by email?

Here are the detailed steps to check the balance of USDT TRC20 address:

  1. Open this page
  2. Enter address string
  3. Click the Check button
  4. View Results

If you want to receive an email notification when balance change, Here’s how to receive USDT TRC20 address balance change alerts via email:

  1. Register an account on bitsv: click here
  2. Click on the top menu: Product -> USDT-TRC20 Address Balance Reminder
  3. Enter the address string you want to track and your email address
  4. Click Create

  5. Click Start (Note: The price of this service is $0.055/Day, if you have not recharged in your account, you can recharge by clicking the Top Up button in the upper right corner)
  6. Done.  If the balance of this address changes thereafter, you will receive an email reminder notification