How to set up parental controls?

1. Determine which devices are to be monitored. This could include computers, tablets, phones and gaming consoles.

2. Research what parental control options are available for each device. Review each device’s parental control settings and decide which ones are necessary for your family’s needs.

3. Once you have determined the parental control settings for each device, set them up. Each device will have different steps for setting up controls, so make sure you fully understand how to configure them.

4. Create user accounts for each household member who uses the devices, and assign an age group to the accounts. This way, you can easily limit time spent on certain activities for each person.

5. Educate your children about the restrictions you have placed on their accounts and make sure they understand why they are in place.

6. Check regularly that the parental controls are still in place. Many devices will offer parental control reports, so you can spot check usage. It’s also important to keep devices updated with the latest security patches.